5 reasons for choosing a charter crewed yacht for your next holiday

Now is the time to plan your summer holiday, and also the time where indecision kicks in. Will it be a hiking trip in the mountain? Or a cultural visit in an European capital? Maybe a relaxing trip near the sea.

Choosing is always difficult, especially when you’re not travelling alone and you need to reach an agreement with your travel companions. It’s not always necessary to choose, though. A charter crewed yacht vacation could be the answer you always desired, let’s find out why.

1- Not being stuck in a single place

If you are bored of arriving in one place and then spend there your entire holiday, then the charter crewed yacht is your solution. Travel to exotic destinations and choose to stop wherever you like, even outside from the usual tourist routes. Discover one of the most remote islands in the Maldives or see one of the smallest fishermen’s village in Sardinia, the choice is only yours.

2- A floating five-star resort

You don’t have to worry about comfort. Your yacht will have everything you can desire: lovely furniture, place to sunbathe, flat screen tv. The crew will attend to your needs like in a luxury hotel: the cook will help you discover new flavours and the captain will give you advice about your itinerary. Since you are the only guests of this floating resort, everyone is concentrated only in making your holiday simply perfect.

3- You’re not a sailor? No problem

Take sailing lessons is not necessary. The crew will manage the yacht, under the direction of an expert captain. Every crew is also expert in navigating the seas in which your holiday will take place, so you have only to relax on the deck.

4- Stay in contact with nature

Sailing for a week or two will certainly help you discover the natural beauties of the places you visit. From grottos to coral reef, seeing places usually outside the classic tourist tours isn’t always easy. With your personal yacht and crew this will be possible, and if you are passionate about water sports, aboard you will find all the equipment for snorkeling, kayak or whatever you want to do.

5- Spend your holiday only with family or friends

It’s always annoying to arrive in a beautiful hotel or resort and find out that your neighbours are noisy or that the group with which you have to take your excursions is at least 20 years older than you. During your yacht holiday this won’t happen: travel with your fiancèe or your best friends, aboard you will only have the people you invited. An exclusive event lasting a week, designed only for you and your guests.

Of course there are many other reasons for which you have to take a charter crewed yacht holiday at least once in your life…but you have to find them out by yourself!

If you want more information don’t esitate to contact us we will be happy to help you organize your best holiday ever!

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