Drone real estate image
Drone real estate image

The most fashionable trend in the real estate sector has unfolded new realms of success and creativity. Providing a perspective like never before, Drone Technology in real estate is the talk of the town! Captivating photographs, along with mesmerizing videography by drones, are toppling conventional techniques. Whether your property listing is residential homes, apartments, resorts, commercial lands, vacant estates, etc. drones offer high-quality, secure, and smart aerial data.

Traditionally, real estate agents rely on remarkably expensive arrangements such as airplanes and helicopters to achieve aerial photographs and videos from a birds-eye-view. However, with the awakening of drone technology, expenses have been depreciated, quality has been improved, and creativity has been prioritized. Agents now fancy contracting experts who possess in-depth knowledge of drones, cameras, and editing abilities to capitalize on their property value. …

Drones are now not just known for aerial photography unlike the first known uses of the drone, the market was deeply penetrated with the customer usage and all thanks to advanced technologies in drones which have the capacity to reach the varied industries.

In this blog, you will discover the applications for drones. Let’s check out how industries are getting the work completed by drones to be efficient and competitive enough this 2020.


Archaeological Surveys

Comparatively in the last decade Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are emerging with their presence with market expansion interconnecting them in the breakthrough of active and passive sensors designed for UAVs. Archaeological departments are coming forward to test these platforms mostly with the 3D documentation of archaeological excavations, surveying of monuments using 3D and historic buildings, surveying sites and landscapes, aerial survey. …

drones during covid-19 pandemic | Equinox’s Drones | Drone Applications
drones during covid-19 pandemic | Equinox’s Drones | Drone Applications

The COVID-19 has gravely impacted every dimension of society that there is. From healthcare, education, safety, business, to several others, this global pandemic has caused more than 639K unfortunate deaths, and approximately 18 million infected worldwide. With a ‘new normal’ forced over every individual inevitably, the demand for advancing technology, medicine, and infrastructure has never been higher. Frontline warriors like doctors, medicinal staff, local police, private security guards, etc., of every country around the world, have been working tirelessly to support and assist all those in need.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, GIS, Mapping, Location Technology, and countless other technological innovations continue to impersonate a viable part in the COVID-19 pandemic. Drone technology has helped various authorities in diverse ways to battle the virus and limit any additional spread of the outbreak. …



Specialized Drone services for projects across India, including Aerial Photography, Drone Survey, Volumetric Analysis, UAV, Mapping, Surveying, Inspection.

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