Get your “MoMo” on.

All traders have heard the terms “momentum play”, “momo play” or “riding the momentum”. This refers to a situation where a stock is picking up steam, for any number of reasons, and it’s share price is making a strong move to the upside (or downside) on solid volume.

“Momo” plays are the most coveted trade opportunities in the world of active trading because they provide the classic situation of being able to get in, ride the swing, and get out with a profit. These windows of momentum can last minutes, hours or even days.

Hindsight is 20/20 and we are always able to talk about these momentum plays after they’ve happened. The challenge lies in finding these stocks in the beginning stages of their momentum.

So how does a trader find these gems as the event is beginning to unfold and before it’s too late? Very difficult thing to do without the proper technological trading tools.

Fortunately, with a few simple clicks on Equityfeed, it all becomes super easy!

In this video we will show you how Equityfeed displays this invaluable market “gold” and how simple it is for you to set up on your own.

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