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In ES2015, we find ourselves writing this type of thing an insane amount of times throughout each day.

Disclaimer: I’m a devoted fan of the JetBrains IDEs and this is specific to them. I use IntelliJ but this would apply to any variation that supports JavaScript. I’m sure you can do similar tricks in other editors, if you know how — please share!

The Problem

The new import syntax is great for a variety of reasons but one of my biggest complaints has been that my IDE is helpless when it comes to autocompletion of named exports. It’s simply a matter of the order in which the import statement is written. Example:

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I’ve been doing some general exploration of core Node.js modules lately and recently took a look at the util module. I had seen it used here and there in the past but never really explored it further. What I found are several special use case but handy functions. Here’s a quick rundown of each, along with some explanation and examples. As usual, the official docs are great as well.

The docs note that util is maintained for internal use however the tools within it are generic enough that they could also benefit application and module developers. …

So you’ve set up an Elasticsearch instance on your AWS account. You got through all the various IAM policy stuff and it’s all doing what you want. Hooray! Once you want to expose your hosted Kibana dashboard to a limited public, you realize that there’s no way to restrict access aside from IP whitelists and signed requests using your AWS tokens. Where do you go from here?


At 352 Inc., we recently deployed a product on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and Elasticsearch. …

If you’re like me, you spend plenty of time in Chrome DevTools, you might even consider yourself pretty proficient with it. If you’re even more like me, you probably tolerate a whole bunch of little things that you might be able to do more efficiently but because they are individually so miniscule, you just deal with it.

I picked up a new technique today that seemed worth sharing, the topic pertains to debugging requests in the Network tab. …

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