Ireland through Marisa’s eyes

Marisa tells her experience in Dublin: she chose to go on a study trip in order to improve her English fluency. We from ErasmusVox got curious and asked some questions…

What’s your name? What are you studying ?

I’ m Marisa Romano. I live currently in Bologna. I attend the Master of Science in Management Engineering.

Where did you go with study trip? Why did you choose this place?

My study trip dates back to last June. I decided to do this study experience in green Dublin!

The main reason that prompted me to choose this goal has been to want to improve the English language, because today has become a very required skill in the world of work.

Tell us about your experience through three photographs.

It is difficult to choose only three places in a city that struck me 360 ​​degrees. I try!

One of the places that has most fascinated me is St Stephen’s Green, a public park located in the heart of the city. This is undoubtedly a place where pleasantly spent time after busy days spent at school with the other boys, who like me had chosen to undertake this magnificent experience.

Another place that excited me is the city of Belfast, where I had the opportunity to visit the Titanic Museum, thanks to the opportunity provided by the school to visit during the weekend different locations of ‘Ireland

Last but not least Giant’s Causeway, the only place in the world, whose rocky beaches, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption, making it probably one of the most beautiful and magical places I have ever visited.

What differences have you seen between the university system in your “home university” and in your “host University”?

I do not think to be able to answer that question because I have not attended a real Irish school. My school was attended by people from various nations, which was being taught English (written and spoken).

Teaching in Europe seems to be considered a ‘women’job’, according to the latest data from Brussels; do you agree this view?

Instinctively I say no, but thinking better to instead think of absolutely confirm this view. Remember on my experience, all the teachers who have accompanied me on this journey were women.

What were your expectations before leaving? What are your ideas now that you are back home?

I still remember the days before departure, I was a bit unsure, I did not know what I was going to meet, and this scared me. My goal was to learn English I had no idea what it would mean really that experience. Go abroad for a short period you change, you open your mind and, if done in the right spirit, develop you unlimitedly. I came back to Italy, with a greater awareness of what was on my way. And although love my land, I came back with a desire to leave at the end of the studies.

What did the country where you have been give to you (positive/negative) and what are you going to take with you forever?

I think I had a chance to live a unique experience.

I left with an empty suitcase, and come back with a bag full of emotions.

It is a powerful experience in every sense, the best thing is the fact that you have the opportunity to meet people from anywhere in the world, learn about different cultures, their habits.

Also, I lived in that period along with a wonderful family who welcomed me warmly, and this has given me the opportunity to capture many aspects of Irish culture, and how people live their daily lives. Before leaving I assumed so many things, I had to change my mind. This experience has left me very much, beyond that of English was the main reason I left, I came back with a suitcase full of ideas, thoughts and especially of people in the heart that have found themselves to be randomness my “family” during a piece of shared life together. Now the beautiful shared it will take with me forever.