*An upgrade based on the Business Model Canvas and the Lean Canvas


As many other people on the startup education and mentoring scene, I guess you are quite familiar with this problem: founders of early-stage startups (and not only they) often focus on some aspects of their ventures more than on others when working on their business plans.

It is almost an instinct to invest a lot of time, problem-solving brainpower, and money in the ‘sexy’ parts of the startup. …

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

So you own a business or founded a startup, and it currently seems like everything is closed for business and the world has stopped…


But if indeed we’re in some kind of a timeout, why not take advantage of it and use this unique period for our professional and personal benefit?

If you’re up for it, @Doron Simhi and I crafted a list of 58 suggestions for how to do it.

We believe deploying only 5% of these suggestions will have a huge positive effect on yourself and your businesses.

So here we go!

1. Get inspired. 📜


Erez Gavish

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