Amazon could solve America’s healthcare crisis

I’ve spent some time thinking about our healthcare crisis and it dawned on me that a big company, like Amazon, could afford to buy 1–2 of the top hospital chains in the US and essentially offer full health coverage to many US Prime members for an extra monthly fee. This fee could be based around charging a small percentage over the cost to operate the hospitals divided by their American members. Amazon would have to require folks to sign contracts committing to be “Prime Health” members for years at a time in order to keep people from only paying when they need something. …

how to help those who need it most and increase revenue

I’ve spent years brainstorming opportunities to not only encourage more businesses to be charitable but also encourage consumers to preferentially support the charitable businesses in order to create a supportive circle for everyone who chooses to be involved. …

a photo studio and exhibition space

I’m imagining a small cliche American dream style house with a small well-manicured yard surrounded by a white picket fence. The inside would be rustic but using the house as a residence wouldn’t be its main purpose. The main purpose of the house would be to serve as a photo studio and exhibition space for ladies, couples, and a limited number of men who wish to pose nude within the house in order to have said photos hung somewhere in the house. The poses are up to the models in the sense that they can cook breakfast in the kitchen, stand in a doorframe, take a nap on the couch, or do whatever they desire as long as it’s inside the house. …


Eric J. Smith

Acknowledgement without action perpetuates the problem. Knowing there’s a problem and doing nothing to stop it makes you the oppressor.

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