Don’t Freak out, I Tell Myself (pt.2)


I was sitting on my bed, staring at my phone. “What if I go blind?” I asked myself. “What if I wake up blind?” Wouldn't that be a trip. Not likely but it could happen. Anything can happen. It’s like being skeptic about skepticism. Anything is possible. “I guess I’m going blind,” I convinced myself. I was pretty sad but decided to plan for the following morning with no eyesight. I made a little icon on my windows phone (I’ll address this later) and made it so that when I touched it, it would call my mom. I put the icon on the every in the bottom left of the phone, so that when I woke blind I could still call my mom and explain the situation.

“Mom, I’m blind.”

“You’re what?”

“I’m blind. Anything is possible mom. Don’t act surprised.”

That icon is still on the windows phone too. But having a windows phone is a lot like not having a phone, so its somewhere in the trash.

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