I have lived all over the United States. I’ve lived in mega cities and I’ve lived in small towns that probably didn’t even qualify as a town in the conventional sense of the word. At one point I was lucky enough to live in an 18th century farmhouse right on the border between Maine and New Hampshire. The oldest section of the farm house was ancient. The floorboards were rough cut, taken from trees that grew on the property when the US itself was in its infancy. The widest floor board was twenty one inches wide. The house and barn…

A proposal for a secular holiday structure and context to coincide with other year end religious and secular holidays.

The Problem:

As I get older I find myself more and more spiritually and mentally separated from the religious sources for our end-of-the-year celebrations. I can understand how some would allow this to dissuade themselves from participating in festivities and how others might participate in an uncomfortable or potentially aloof manner.

The truth of the matter is that the current set of religion-based holidays were just grafted onto the religion-based holidays that were extant at the time of their rise to dominance. These…

Out on the sage grass lawn, poking its head out from the green and yellow, lies a jumbled mass that we ranchers and farmers and suburban gardeners alike affectionately refer to as the burn pile. While not naturally occurring, the burn pile is made up of mostly natural things. Branches, from twigs to logs, old fence posts with the odd bit of barbed wire.

On the high desert plain, a burn pile is in many ways an act of faith. We pile things up in an open space believing that one day the wind conditions and a week of sustained…

This story must be told, if for no other reason than to honor those who have gone before. I am new to this fold and can only play this small part of the bard, but everything has it’s purpose and I accept this as mine.

My story begins on the last day of my trip to England, just over a year ago. My wife Holly and I had opted to do the traditional, if not cliché bus tour. We traveled all across the south of England: Sussex, Somerset, Cornwall. The agency brochure billed it as Two Weeks on the Trail…

Eric Rogerson

Finding truth in writing fiction.

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