The Guide To The Perfect Creative Brief

What is a creative brief?
It is a meeting when where you decide what and how is to be designed.
Grab along all your team and do the following:

1. Keep in Mind: Less is More
When developing a brief, less is more. Only the essential details need to be revealed. Too much information can lead your creative agency down the wrong path, wasting precious time and money.
Beginning any marketing assignment without a proper creative brief whether advertising, design, interactive or PR-related is like trying to build a home without blueprints.
And more than likely it will lead to the same result: a client who doesn’t want what’s been made when the work is finally finished.

2. Define Your Situation
A full detailed history of the brand is not necessary.
Just the problem that leads to the solution and created the brand.
3. Objectives
The objective is always to increase sales!
Don`t go for sale like we increase x%, but ask how can specifically increase the sales for your target audience

4. Describe the Audience
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Where they live?
4. What social media they use
5. Who has the card? They or parents, boss. Other decision makers
6. Who they listen to? /influencers

So, so this and get it up to date, and let`s start designing!
Hope you guys enjoyed this quick start guide for you creative brief.
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