Financial consultant and building manager Eric Greenfield, currently with Bookkeeping Manhattan, lives an active lifestyle. One of the less common sports Eric Greenfield enjoys is archery, which dates back hundreds of years.

Even experienced archers should take time to assess and improve their shooting skills. The ways in which one can improve, however, aren’t always obvious. These two tips can help archers of all skill levels improve their aim and be more comfortable shooting a bow.

Aiming for too long can hurt one’s shot, but not taking enough time to aim properly also often results in poor form. Good aiming…

Eric Greenfield, the principal and lead consultant at a bookkeeping company in Manhattan, has been working in the finance industry for more than a decade. He also helps manage his family’s real estate business. Outside of work, Eric Greenfield enjoys hiking and mountain biking in the Catskills.

If you’re a bicyclist with a mountain bike, you probably bought the bike so you could ride off-road. However, certain obstacles and terrain may be difficult to manage.

To ride over large rocks, logs, and roots, take it one wheel at a time. To start, adopt a medium speed as you approach the…

New York native Eric Greenfield is a New England College alumnus who, since 2013, has served as principal of Bookkeeping Manhattan, where he provides financial consulting services to small and mid-size businesses. When he isn’t working, Eric Greenfield enjoys spending time with his daughter and visiting museums.

New York is home to many museums known the world over such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Here are three lesser known museums you shouldn’t overlook when visiting the Big Apple.

1. American Museum of Natural History — One of the most popular natural history museums…

Eric Greenfield, principal and lead consultant at Bookkeeping Manhattan, splits his time between providing a variety of bookkeeping and accounting services and helping oversee his family’s real estate business. Outside of work, Eric Greenfield enjoys a variety of outdoor pursuits, such as camping.

Pitching a tent is a pretty basic part of camping, yet many campers don’t pitch their tent properly. Below are several tent-pitching mistakes which are best avoided:

- Angling tent stakes: Tent stakes provide the greatest amount of holding power when driven straight into the ground. …

An experienced bookkeeper in New York City, Eric Greenfield serves as principal and lead consultant at Bookkeeping Manhattan. Along with this role, he helps manage his family’s real estate business in New York. In his free time, Eric Greenfield enjoys taking his daughter to one of his favorite places in the city, the SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park.

The original location of the New York Aquarium, Battery Park now features a pavilion called the SeaGlass, which resembles a chambered nautilus. …

In addition to serving as principal of Bookkeeping Manhattan, Eric Greenfield has worked as a building manager with W 38th Street Associates since 2001. Beyond his varied professional pursuits, Eric Greenfield enjoys playing and watching baseball.

The future of Major League Baseball (MLB) was on display on June 4 as the league held its annual Amateur Draft. The Detroit Tigers held the first overall pick for the first time since 1997, and used it to select right-hander Casey Mize. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound Auburn pitcher was undrafted out of high school, but developed his skills significantly in college. He had been…

Experienced New York entrepreneur Eric Greenfield helps manage a local real estate business and serves as the lead consultant and principal of Bookkeeping Manhattan. In his latter role, Eric Greenfield provides a variety of financial and bookkeeping services to small and mid-size businesses and handles such things as accounts payable and receivable.

Also known as A/R, accounts receivable is money that a business has not yet received for a service or product. The amounts recorded in this area are typically viewed as assets for a company because they reference a promised amount that the company will soon receive. …

An accomplished real estate and financial services professional, Eric Greenfield balances a busy career in the Manhattan real estate industry with his position as the lead consultant and principal for Bookkeeping Manhattan. To better serve his clients, Eric Greenfield maintains certification in QuickBooks.

One of the most popular sales and accounting software packages on the market, Intuit’s QuickBooks is used by more than four million customers around the world. The all-in-one package offers features such as bill pay options, invoicing, payroll, connections to online payment portals, and more.

Because the software is so feature-packed, some customers prefer to hire QuickBooks…

Experienced bookkeeper and financial consultant Eric Greenfield is the principal of Bookkeeping Manhattan. Based in New York, Eric Greenfield offers accounting and bookkeeping services to small businesses.

There are several reasons why you, as a small business owner, should have an accountant prepare your financial reports:

i) Tax purposes
During tax season, you will want to have proper records prepared so that your filing is much easier. At the same time, if you are ever the subject of a tax audit and there are issues, documentation will help you argue your case.

ii) Attract investors and lenders
Both investors and…

Eric Greenfield

Eric Greenfield, CEO of Bookkeeping Manhattan, has extensive expertise in the financial and accounting industry.

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