Social Media Tactics For Generating Outreach and Customer Leads

Leads can come in various forms whether you’re researching a new community to get your content out to or looking for new audiences to promote and sell your products. Social media can play a big role in making new contacts, discovering new traffic referral sources, and finding new media outlets for outreach and discovery. In this article I will touch on two tactics I use on Facebook and Twitter to discover contacts for outreach and generating new customer leads.

I run the Shapeways shop Raw Legend Collaborations and the two niche audiences and customers that I focus on are science and corgis. I use a very simple tactic on Facebook and Twitter for generating sales and outreach leads.


  1. Find the most popular Facebook fan page based on your niche market. Scroll down to the “Liked By This Page Section”.

2) Here you will see a list of all of the similar “look alike” audiences for you to target to reach out and direct message. Read my previous blog post on using social DM-ing as the new cold calling.


  1. Do a simple search on Twitter and you’ll get a whole list of accounts that are relevant to the audience you are looking for.

2) Pick one of the credible and popular accounts and simply click on “Following”. From here you can scroll down and read the bio description for relevant potential customers or outreach contacts. Begin tweeting at them and DM-ing them the same way you would with the Facebook tactic.

You can begin building a serious CRM database of clients and leads with these two tactics alone and they’re quite easy and simple to execute. Never underestimate the power to search on Social Media, Facebook and Twitter search are already giving Google a run for its money.

Give these tactics a try and let me know what you think. You can find me on Twitter @NinjaRAWLegend.

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