The Ninja Raw Legend

Summer 2007 at Union College in Schenectady, NY. I walk into a dorm room to find my roommate 50 cent passed out on the bed. He would soon become my most loyal friend for the next four years. 50 cent was a star running back at Union and the origins of his legacy goes back beyond my recollection. He would call me China Man, I would call him 50 cent. He would say the most hilarious things and address people with “guy” and “miss”. There was only one word I used to describe him, that was RAW.

What does the word “RAW” mean to me? It means no-nonsense, unfiltered, and pure un-compromise. In this present I would adopt the label of Raw and would eventually overuse the term and often times use it in politically incorrect situations, but it didn’t matter because I was just too Raw.

My Twitter handle became @NinjaRAWLegend

I once ran the Union College Karate Club my senior year. I was trained by a 8th degree black-belt sensei who spoke no english, and essentially taught myself everything I needed to go from a white belt to Ninja status. I developed a passion for the martial arts. I would apply my martial arts tactics to my every day life, especially in my professional career as a digital marketer and social media tactician. Many of my peers would label me as a Ninja.

Legend? Play like a champion so you and live the rest of your life as a legend. That’s a motto that motivates me daily and I often try to seek “Legend Status” which is the status of becoming a legend.

That is how I took the three words that resonated with me the most and made a Twitter handle out of it. NINJA, RAW, LEGEND.

Win, Always


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