Up, up, and away

News You Can Use for August 26, 2016

Up, Up & Away

by Pete Seat

Ever since Eric Holcomb officially became the Republican nominee for Governor of Indiana — one month ago today! — this campaign (not to mention the candidate himself!) has been in perpetual motion. Here’s a quick snapshot of where the campaign stands one month in.

  • Made the home run selection of Suzanne Crouch to be the Lt. Governor running mate
  • Hired a campaign manager, communications director, finance director, coalitions director, deputy political director and deputy finance director to compliment staff already on-the-ground
  • Locked in coordinators in each of Indiana’s 92 counties
  • Staffed with full-time and volunteer support 12 regional field offices across the state
  • Barnstormed the state — from north to south — and all places in between
  • Raised millions of dollars
  • And…now we’re on TV

That’s right. You can watch “Called to Serve,” Eric Holcomb’s first statewide television ad by clicking here. The ad is being released today and will start airing in the comfort of your own home tomorrow.

A transcript of the ad follows.

Called to Serve” Transcript

Time: 60 seconds


When I served in the United States Navy, I had graduated from college and I had heard about something brewing over in the Middle East.

It was during the Desert Shield/Storm years and so I came home and told my parents that I had joined the Navy. But I just remember reading about what was going on and thinking about all the sacrifices that the people had been making on my behalf and really thought I would regret it if I wasn’t doing all I could to help.

Serving in the Navy certainly changed my life.

It not only made me a much more disciplined individual but it also, it really taught me that everyone is as important as the other person.

Boot Camp is the great equalizer. It really teaches you that you count on everyone to your left and to your right.

And I see Indiana that way.

And I can see how much we can accomplish together.

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