What I learnt from 3 weeks with a proper project and task manager
Eric Bouchet

Andie Katschthaler, I do use Todoist as a basic project manager: since Todoist allows for nested projects, I created 3 “projects” labelled “current projects”, “future”, and “archived”. Then each of the projects goes in there.

Inside each project, I also use multiple levels of tasks to keep visibility of individual items. For instance, if a project covers a website redesign, I would have a “wireframe” task, with all wireframe-related actions, a “design” task, an “integration” task, etc… In each, I tend to put a start/end task with the date, so in effect my Todoist is a blend of low-level tasks and higher-level information-put-in-a-task.

I looked into several other solutions, described on my blog post -in French- on Les Outils Numériques. Pagico was a serious contender, especially because of its added features on project management (start date, calendar view). At work we use Podio as a group project management solution.

Francis Wade, you’re more than welcome ! Thanks for your book and ideas.