I don’t think that false accusations are a great problem. If a boy avoid drunk girls and especially girls with boyfriends, and if he’s kind while eventually dumping her, it’s very unlikely to happen.

Female-on-male rape is different: I suppose that you’re aware that when a boy is drunk and she’s sober, then it’s sexually assault but will never be reported because sex is viewed as a gift from women to men, right?

I have a master in History, I know how those things work. This isn’t going to be fixed until most men will be severely hurted. The main problem is not even the hurt in itself (who cares? There have been way worse things through History) but the likeliness of a backfire, that could be unbalanced and exaggerated: I don’t wish to draw parallels between Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazism, because it would be exaggerated, but, at a minor extent, that’s the mechanism — Trump is just the appetizer.

I have a daughter and I don’t wish to see something like the description of patriarchy done by feminists: such exaggerated version never existed (in example: while it’s true that 100% women hadn’t the right to vote, even 95% men hadn’t the right to vote — there wasn’t such thing as a society with 100% men having the right to vote and 100% women not allowed to vote) but it could become real with a very exaggerated backfire.

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