Sorry, Eric…what do you mean? I want to understand please.

Supremo, the user who made such statement, was shortly after reduced to “spectator” being identified as a feminist troll.

We have, within MGTOW site, plenty trolls spouting misogyny: we ban them, and their threads are usually throwed in “The Litter Box”.

This is the topic

The user “Supremo” was reduced to “Spectator”.

Here another example of a troll: this one is a feminist christian pretending to be a man wishing controlling the women

Those are my answers to her:

“Obiouvs feminist troll.
 Christian feminist woman, to be exact.

MGTOW isn’t about controlling women.
 MGTOW is about men being free, and not caring about women.

Christian feminism is about women giving away responsibilities and pretending men are in control, while retaining all the anti-men feminist laws so to use it when they’re “unhappy”.
 Your kind is the kind who support criminalizing men buying sex from sex workers while letting sex workers free because “women are victims, men are sinners”.”


“She’s describing “rebellious daughters” as “trying to liberate themselves from expectations”, she use the word “male values” referring to CONTROL of women’s bodies and sexuality.
 Typical gender studies stuff.
 I had a gender studies course, she cannot fool me.

Most men have the desire of making pregnant a lot of women: that’s biology.
 Most women are serially monogamous: that’s biology.
 The old society was a compromise between the two needs, and it required sacrifice to both,even more to people of both sexes outside the mainstream behavior.
 It doesn’t matter who had it worse: women are free now, and men will be free, too.”

This is from another MGHOW:

“Yes, and it’s entirely on your part.

MGTOW isn’t about controlling women. MGTOW is about freeing men.

MGTOW isn’t about blaming women. MGTOW isn’t about infantilizing women. MGTOW isn’t about excusing women.

MGTOW isn’t about women at all.

If no one has yet reported you, then allow me.”

And this is from another MGHOW:

“Bullshit, you get solitude and nihilism in a relationship with women.

And I don’t view women as horses you misogynistic asshole. I view them as humans like men and equally capable to taking their own responsibilities. You are a misogynistic asshole for not believing women can be responsible for themselves and need man to control them.

Strong independent women can take care of themselves without poking men to come back to the plantation.”

Check it, it’s all within the thread.

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