A feminist troll eh?
Rev. Fred Denial

The user who posted that was banned, reduced to “spectator”, well before the publication of this article.

Men’s Rights is nonsense.

Men are not human beings, women are human beings, not men.

Men are human doings.

So, asking for rights for men isn’t going to work if such rights are viewed as lowering women’s rights.

Asking for rights for men is, and always will be, viewed as misogyny when it hurts women.

Refusing to do something is instead very effective.


MRA asks for granting less resources to women after the divorce. That’s harmful to women. This isn’t going to work.

MGTOW: we refuse to share our resources, problem already solved. How they’re going to fix it? Bachelor tax? But a bachelor tax cannot be enforced without hurting single women, too…

MRA asks for more fair treatment of cases of DV (do you know what is Duluth Model?). But that isn’t good for women.

MGTOW: no marriage contract, no cohabitation. DV problem solved. How they’re going to fix it? An awareness campaign against single men but NOT against single women? Well, they should try it, it would be funny :-)

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