That’s not what I meant by “toxic masculinity.”
Jessica Compton

Withdrawing from marriage contract and cohabitation isn’t “withdrawing from society”. It’s not even “withdrawing from women” for some MGTOW.

I have 4 children, a job, I was in a relationship (without cohabitation) that lasted more 1.5 years until a month ago.

You can bring Elliot Rodgers and Chris Mercer, but they weren’t MGTOW, and you know, I should bring FEMINISTS like Valerie Solanas, Mary Daly, Sally Miller-Gearhart, Andrea Dworkin, Irene Von Wachenfelt, Julie Bindel, Eva Lundgren, Sheila Jeffreys, Mary Koss, Gunilla Ekberg, Germaine Greer, Catherine MacKinnon, Witchwind? I should bring feminists celebrating lesbian rape and paedophilia by playing “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ensler that depicts an adult woman having sex with a 13 yo girl as “a good rape”?

All you can do it’s strawmanning, because people like you have no power over MGTOW, and you know you’re powerless.

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