Colorful pattern

React components bake HTML semantics into their implementation. Take this component example:

While this isn’t a particularly interesting or robust component, it will help illustrate a useful concept. This component creates an HTML element, applies a prop set to to style it, and then allows…

One of the most common questions I hear when discussing CSS best practices is “what unit should I use?” Most of us think and speak in terms of pixels but the unit is rarely the best choice. Here’s how this all breaks down:


  • Use , , and units…

In this post, I aim to answer two questions:

  1. What is BEM?
  2. How should BEM be applied to styling React components?

BEM is an acronym for Block Element Modifier. It’s not a framework or library. It is but a small piece of a larger CSS architecture puzzle. Specifically, BEM is…

Eric Masiello

Software Engineer & UI Architect at Vistaprint

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