3 Simple Tips for Business Startup Goal Setting

Setting goals is a critical part that comes with “actually” achieving the success you desire. I highlight actually because let’s face it…we all want success but there are few that truly pursue it.

Goal setting (or lack there of) is a BIG part of why people fall short of reaching or achieving their goals.

Today I want to share 3 simple tips that I personally use, but highly recommend to my clients to not reach their goals but absolutely crush them!

3 Simple Goal Setting Tips

1-Get Your Goals Out of Your Head and On Paper

In short here….you must write your goals down. Yes, write the down!

Our minds are cluttered with so much stuff, Facebook, work, kids, activities, oh an our goals. Right?!

How in the world do you expect to have a clear vision and focus on your goals with all that junk standing in the way of it inside your head.

In fact, research supports the importance of writing your goals down:

A recent study supports that 42% of people that wrote their goals down are more likely to achieve their goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Credit: Mary Marrlssey: The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams

This is very simple…go to Office Max or any other store, get a notebook that will be dedicated to just your goals. That’s the starting point.

Don’t overthink this, start by just getting your goals out of your head and onto your notebook. In the next section below we will talk about separating your goals out into short-term and long-term goals.

If you’re taking this step, then I can assure you you’re one step ahead of your competition and on your way to crushing your goals.

Next let’s talk about what we do with your goals once they are on paper.

2-Be Clear and Specific With Your Goals

Now that you have started to write your goals down….let’s take it a step further by being very specific with your goals.

One of the most common goals are:

I want to lose weight

I want to earn more money

I want to pay off debt

Being specific with these goals will look something like this:

I want to lose 10 pounds before my summer vacation.

I want to earn $1000 per month in passive income.

I want to pay off my smallest credit card by this Spring.

Making your goals clear and specific gives your two really important things. It gives you a clear target that you can track towards and it holds you accountable for what you are trying to achieve.

Goal setting is all about being discipline and holding yourself accountable to achieve what you’re trying to achieve.

No one is going to hold your hold, push you, or come and save you. This is all about your sticking your foot in the ground to make it happen.

Once you have reached a point to where your goals are specific enough…now it’s time to start determining which goals are appropriately short-term vs. long-term.

Be realistic with yourself but don’t make it too easy either. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone with this because that’s where the true learning happens.

3-Track Your Progress Daily

I kick my mornings off with a routine that includes me tracking my progress.

According to Michael Hyatt (Best Selling Authur):

“Achieving our goals takes more than good intentions. You have to take action and then systematically measure your progress.”

You use any software out there, but if you’re capable of doing so you can create something with your notebook or maybe excel as well.

Regardless what you use…it’s critical to track your goals.

If you’re like me and would like to utilize a proven system, then I highly recommend The Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas.

This book is amazing because it allows you to accomplish all three of these tips and track your progress for 100 days. I’ve used this book to create by blog Startups With No Code and my startup business Zap Style.

Tracking your goals allows you to obviously know how well your progress is coming to achieve your goals. It will tell you things like what you need to do more of, what to do less of, or if you need to pivot and do something different.

Tracking your goals simply can’t happen in your head.


As you can see setting goals in your head and not on paper will leave you one step behind your competition. Remember to follow these three simple tips of getting your goals on paper, be very specific with them, and extremely important you MUST track them daily.

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