Chicken or the Egg?

Do we die because “that’s the way it is” or because we’re told that’s the way it is? Then buy into that self-fulfilling prophecy before we ever even find out for ourselves?

If you lived 200 years ago, your white parents would tell you from day one that black people aren’t as smart.

So black people would be framed that way to you, your entire life. (Or at least until you rejected that framework and built a new one, like I’m doing here!)

So when a black person would do something “wrong,” your frame of reference would chalk it up to, “they are inferior beings.” (Implying you’re correct to treat them as such.)

But when a white person would perform the same “wrong” act the black person did, you’d chalk it up to some entirely different reason.

So forecasts fulfill themselves. How you frame something before you even enter the thing pre-determines how it comes out.

So what if we were told that living or dying is our choice? That it always has been and always will be?

Would we still all die? Or would we all live — on our own terms?

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