7 Reasons 87% Of The World Is Broke, And How To Fix It

This should be a book you pay for. For real.

A wise man once said, “Money is like a cat. The more you try to pet it, the more it tries to get away from you”.

His point is simple: Be direct in your intentions for more money. Not just your pursuit.

The majority of human beings on this planet (including me) are broke. No money to make any major move.

In my opinion, real money starts at $100 million. Only then can you make a real game changing move, be it in your community, your country or the world at large.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying one cannot help others with way less, or do good with money with only £25. That is not my point. My point is that in order to make some real change, you need real money.

Let’s look at Bill Gates. The Microsoft man who is now becoming the Malaria man. Why? Because he is putting his massive level of wealth to great humanitarian use. He’s making a difference, and it has nothing to do with personal computers.

Don’t you wanna make a change? Don’t you want the world to remember you once you are gone? Then start thinking big, dreaming big and earning big.

The majority of people here on Earth don’t want to get rich because there is no real ambition to make a change.

• What about your community?

• What about your school systems?

• What about your family?

• What about your business?

• What about your judicial system?

Real world changers change the world. They use their wealth (of knowledge, of money, of ideas) to change the world they live in. This gets them remembered. This is what legacy is all about.

There’s the famous saying, “Little Money never told Big Money what to do”. This couldn’t be more true. The world is full of people who wish to do well but won’t work to do well. It’s time to get your money up.

Here are six reasons why 87% of the world are not financially free:

  1. Small think/Negative think
  2. Selfishness/No service to others
  3. Greed/Hoarding
  4. Refusal to invest and grow
  5. Refusal to think far ahead
  6. Little or no creativity
  7. Not seeking a place of influence

These are the main reasons you are not where you want to be financially.

The opposite, in case you are wondering, looks like this. Here are six ways you will increase your income and your wealth:

  1. By thinking & dreaming big. Having a positive outlook on life. By obsessing over possibilities and forgetting about the obstacles in your way.
  2. By constantly offering products and services that the marketplace will pay for. Thinking of others, how you can help them and following through with bringing value to people will always keep your money machine well fed.
  3. By being selfless. Being generous to others. It is more blessed to give than it is to receive. Give more than you take. There are infinite blessings when you master this principle.
  4. By having an investor’s mentality. By never leaving money idle doing nothing for you, your family or organisation. By consistently putting your money to work, so that it can create and breed more.
  5. By thinking generationally. What’s my children going to inherit? What’s my children’s children going to have to build on once I’m gone. Questions like that will fire you into action. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Build for tomorrow not just for today.
  6. By investing in unique difference, skill & creativity. Invest in yourself and in people who not only think outside the box, but love creating new boxes daily.
  7. By seeking positions of influence. Money is not always the goal. At times, you need access. Then influence. Then power. The rich rule the poor. The elite decide. The mediocre obey.

In Tony Robbin’s 2015 financial classic Money: Master The Game, he outlines five stages of financial wealth:

• Financial SECURITY

• Financial VITALITY


• Financial FREEDOM

• Financial AUTHORITY

Where would you place yourself and your current financial situation? My guess is not high enough. It’s not all about making money just for us, it’s about making money so that we can do more for others. Success is an ethical goal. You have a moral duty to succeed and change your world. I get a massive kick out of helping others win in business, because it’s the best way to win with money.

All the best, hope it’s been a help to you!

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