January’s Over Now. What’s Next?

New Year’s Resolutions mean nothing.

A lot of us got caught up (like we always do) in the whole “New Year New Me” trend with resolutions, to-do lists, big dreams, big goals, massive calls-to-actions…only to find ourselves at the end of January with hardly any evidence of results.

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s happened to almost everyone, I can promise you.

January is almost over. Now we need to look towards the month of Feb. If I’m being completely honest, February is usually a “nothing month” overwhelmed by the attention given to Valentine’s Day and its short timespan (28–29 days as opposed to the usual 30–31). Nothing really happens for me in February. I usually coast a lot. Maybe you do too.

Here’s an idea of what might help you maximise your Feb and have one like never before:

  • Create a To-Don’t List. Things you will not do in February that you did in January. Maybe you procrastinated, overworked, expected too much, didn’t sleep. Didn’t manage time well enough, didn’t plan. Whatever didn’t work…write it down. Let the list begin like this: “In February 2017, I will not:”
  • Set a financial goal for the month. And set deadlines for each one. How many sales need to be made in order for you to reach your goal of £1,000,000, £85,000 or even £800? How long will it take you? Can it be done this month? How many appointments would you have to create to realistically hit such targets? Do the math.
  • Break every target down by the week, by the day and then by the hour. Right, here’s the math. You have 4 weeks. 28 days. 672 hours. 40,320 minutes. Sleep. Exercise. Work. Family. Prayer. Fun. Break it all down. What are you going to do with all those hours? Decide now.
  • Create a reward slash gift to yourself for the 28th of February. What can you give yourself as a reward for sticking to your tasks, accomplishing your goals, exceeding your expectations and crushing February 2017? For me it would be a 10-day all-expenses-paid holiday to the Maldives in March. What would you give yourself?
  • Refuse to do anything that is not worth your time. And I mean this. To many of us are doing things either above, or below our “pay grade”. And by pay grade I mean time grade, too. Divide the money you get paid for a task by the time you spend doing it. You’ll notice how small the number and realise how little you’ve been valuing yourself.

I want my readers to have the most productive, effective 2017. I needed the contents of this article as much as you do now (if not more) which is why I have decided to spend a few minutes of my Saturday lie-in to create this post.

I hope your February 2017 is full of:

  1. Focus
  2. Determination
  3. Creativity
  4. Fun
  5. Love
  6. Fulfilment
  7. Deep work
  8. Purpose
  9. Accomplishment
  10. Enjoyment

These are just some ideas I thought I’d share with you this morning. Hope it helps. Click the green heart 💚 below if it all makes sense and send me a comment to let me know how.