Four things that need to DIE for CrossFit to LIVE

We love CrossFit. Straight up. If we could marry CrossFit…well, that would be taking it too far, but you get my drift.

That being said, there is too much of a good thing. And, those things left unchecked, can lead to a negative element within an activity. Here are four things that we think are not conducive to the longevity of CrossFit.

  1. Winning Workouts

What does this really mean? Within a large enough context, you are the Games Champion. Within a small enough context, you are just the fittest person amongst 4 or 5 in a given class. This is for YOU. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, but the danger comes when HAVING to win the workout in order to validate your own success or self worth. Work as hard as you do — you win some, you lose some. It ain’t that important (like…not at all) in the long run.

2. Get out of the goddamn gym

To reiterate, what does this really mean? If your barometer of fitness is predicated on an ever increasing capacity to do the training to get good at…the training — then maybe you’ve lost the forest in the trees? Don’t get me wrong, I love working out and doing this stuff, but at the end of the day variety is the spice of life. Go out there and CRUSH life, grab it by the beanbag and don’t let go. Be that guy that is always egging on his friends for ONE MORE GAME of basketball, ONE MORE RUN on the mountain. Cause you can’t stop and won’t stop. You are a machine. But don’t let that consume you to the point of fixation with the next CrossFit notch in the belt. Love your training, love your life.

3. Girls and Heros aren’t programming

A solid strength program and well metered WODs are the recipe to success and longevity. I’ve seen and been to gyms that get very heavy handed with pre-fabbed WODs and, on one hand, its just plain lazy. On the other, its boring and borderline dangerous. Some of those WODs are so fucking hard and stupid long, that it can’t be reasonably productive for your average members.

4. Get over TIME!!

It’s harder to do things right than it is fast. Don’t believe me? Try it. My sneaky M.O. here is to get you to be better at what you love. If you move like shit, but you do it the fastest in the gym — congrats, you are hater fuel and dragging us all down with you. Rich Froning didn’t win the games cause he moves like your sister after her 14th CrossFit class. That dude is a perfectionist and effortless, beautiful movement should be the goal of anyone dabbling in the dark arts of fitness.

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