The End Of Free Internet: Apple’s IOS 9.0 Ad Blocker

Could this be the beginning of the end of free internet?

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Apple has just released IOS 9.0 and with it app developers have already created effective ad blocking programs.

Now, some of you love this. “Yay!” you scream as you download whichever ad-blocking app retains the highest user rating. You smile a grim grin as your meaty thumbs scroll through endless Youtube videos with no ads. You shove another Cheeto into your flabby jowls while you read through Forbes with, once again, no ads. You’re just so happy!

Shame On You!

You won’t be so damn cheery when you’re paying for every single site!

Youtube has already implemented a pay-for-subscribe system in which you can skip over ads for five dollars a month. This will most likely be the future system, but without the option to watch ads. Or at the very least embedded video ads. Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll pull a Hulu — make you pay for their service while also embedding video ads! Won’t life be great?!

Most ad-based websites are already taking a heavy hit. Especially websites which acquire most of their traffic through mobile users.

A Reddit user who owns an ad based site (he didn’t specify the exact site) showed us the following graph since the IOS update.

I honestly can’t see this getting better. I blame the assholes who embed those flashy video ads that play as you open their site.

Anyways, Just remember folks, that new found abundance of homeless people wondering around your city’s streets have all probably just lost their ad based websites.

Shame On You!

(and me)

Eric Woodliff is an writer.

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