4 Things to Know About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a huge component when developing your website. Search engines have become a big part of our lives. People use search engines to research everything from restaurants, shopping, and finding perspective employees for their businesses.

SEO is a necessary investment for any business that’s operating online. That necessity has lead web designers, developers, programmers, and marketing experts to try to understand the market to produce results for their clients. It’s something that people are trying to learn. Even people with years of experience in internet technology don’t understand fundamentals of SEO and take it for granted. It’s not even basic things like adding tags or anchor text. It’s how an effective SEO strategy is developed in the first place.

For Humans, by Humans
The first thing you need to do is forget that you are dealing with search bots. You should forget that because no matter how hard you try or how much research you do, you won’t be able to figure figure out what the bots are thinking. Search bots are meant to behave like humans to make a better experience for humans.

Forget about the bots and market your websites for human beings to enjoy. Use simple and clear navigation and so your users can find what they need. Be informative without being repetitive and don’t stuff your keywords. Try to make things clear enough that a kid will be able to figure things out with little to no effort.

Content is King
When developing your SEO strategy, figure out what your intentions are for your website. Are providing useful information to an audience, or are you just trying to boost traffic? Which ever one it may be, it’s pretty obvious to your visitors. If you update your site on a regular basis with new content that provides information people want to read and find interesting or useful, you will keep them coming back and attract new readers without difficulty. Being “trendy” or taking advantage of what’s popular will give your site a bad reputation.

Identify your audience, figure out their needs and provide content that meets those needs. After that, identify other places that your audience frequents and make your presence felt.

A major problem that people face when providing content is narcissism. It’s common for developing content only for themselves and don’t take the audience into consideration. It can be something simple as writing above people’s heads to shameless self promote themselves in every other sentence.

Don’t Just Build Links, Build Relationships
Link building is an important part of any good SEO or internet marketing strategy. However, the amount people who do this properly are few and far in between. The reason being is that some people only think of the quantity and quality of the links they are building and not about things in the long term use of those links.

When building links, you should pick sites and communities in which the information for your site is relevant and gives true value. Remember, it’s about providing a service and not taking advantage of the system. Building links in a community where you information will be of valued will drive relevant repeat traffic to your site, and will help you achieve your long term goals the right way. A handful of these links are much more valuable to your website than dozens of links from a site with a high page rank. Remember to look for the human factor first, and the numbers will follow.

Don’t Overthink It
It’s easy to make the mistake of over thinking and over analyzing SEO. If you focus on achieving goals in a logical way, the SEO will come naturally. You should follow standards and convention but just remember, usability, readability, good navigation, simplicity, and consistency all are things that will ensure that humans and search engines will value your site.