Importance of Commenting on Blogs and Social Media

There are many reasons people comment on blogs or social media. Most people express their opinions on what they have read, the topic, the original poster, or the other comments. For better or worse, everyone wants to share their opinion. Some people actually care about the topic and want to join the discussion. Others only comment for the SEO and social media benefits. Then there are the people who just want the attention by being trolls.

There really isn’t a right or wrong to comment on blogs, but there is a level or etiquette that should be displayed. I try to avoid leaving simple generic or one line comments because it really doesn’t push the discussion forward. I try to be polite and specific when I’m commenting. This is the general rule of thumb most people try to follow.

Being Heard

A good reason to comment is to make your position on a subject known and have your voice heard. People who have ever commented on a serious political topic, or the latest celebrity scandal already understand this. We see quite a bit of that now with everything going on with our current president. One of the great things about blogs and social media is that they are not a one way conversations. Everyone can get involved.

Making A Name For Yourself

Another important use of commenting on blogs is to establish credibility as an expert. If you happen to be an amazing motion designer, commenting on posts based around motion design, graphic design and animation, you can let a community of your peers see how much knowledge you have. It’s possible that you can convert that audience and bring them to you, if they decide they like opinions.

This is the way. many people end up attracting a following to their own blogs and social media. It also shows that you are willing to engage others, which is one of the aspects of social media that many people overlook.It’s called social media for a reason. Many people think just posting to their own platforms is enough. Commenting on other peoples platforms makes you a part of an ongoing conversation, and shows that you’re not only thinking about yourself.

Engaging With Others

As I mentioned above, one of the best things about blogging and being active on social media is that it allows you to communicate with others. You can comment on specific comments someone has made, and they can engage with you directly. Doing this is a great way to build relationships within an online community, something you shouldn’t underestimate the value of. Having good relationships in the online community will help you build contacts for future collaborations and growing your online audience. It also means that you will have people willing to promote you and share your views or work with others.

Etiquette When Commenting Online

  • Be polite and as positive as you can. If you disagree with someone, give specific and constructive criticism, and don’t call anyone out of their name.
  • Avoid using foul language as this will damage your reputation.
  • Try to avoid short one line comments like “I like this!” be specific and add value.
  • Avoid posting links unless it furthers the conversation.
  • If someone replies to your comment try to reply back in a timely manner.
  • Don’t write in all caps. It’s annoying, disrespectful and a good way to get your post deleted.