How is the Phillies Social Media run?

On May 11th, Tim Stoeckel was kind enough to come to Drexel and discuss his profession of being in charge of the Phillies social media account. Tim discussed with our class the many different ways to keep your social media relevant, while also keeping it engaging and fun for the consumers of your content. The main point that Tim wanted to stress was that there has to be engagement with fans. Without that, your consumers will feel as if there is a robot running the account because there would never be any feedback to the consumers. Tim told us a story of when he gave away tickets to one of his fans on twitter though dm’s as a kind gesture to the family because a member of the family had a medical condition. He thought since that it was through dm’s that it would be between him and the family, but people eventually found out about it and it made the organization look really kind and generous and they got good press for it.

Another point that Tim emphasized was that there will always be negative comments and conversations on all posts. It is the nature of social media and it will always happen. Especially with the form the Phillies are in right now, there is most likely more negative feedback than positive. Social Media takes a lot of getting used to, especially when you are in charge of an account that has more than 1.6 million followers. Tim told us that you have to be very reasonable when operating the account. You have to ignore the negative comments while responding to the more positive ones. It’s all a balance at the end of the day.

Finally, Tim told us that you have to be personable on the account. Every once and a while Tim pokes fun at other teams on twitter or starts funny conversations with other teams. This shows consumers that there are people behind the accounts and it provides a something for them to laugh at and enjoy, even if their team is struggling. Overall I learned a lot from Tim’s presentation and it really made me think about how I should run my accounts even though they are minuscule to the size of the Phillies’ account. Social Media is all about balance and engagement with consumers; If you can find the balance, than your Social Media following will reflect your progress.