As a fellow Bills fan, I feel your pain.
Jake Wilder

Jake Wilder Thanks for your comment. And it was a good one! You are right. If we had been cheering for a winning team since day 1 we may be entitled now. Ha! What do kids in Boston born 15 years ago think? All they remember is winning. So yeah, we Buffalo fans have that!! Resilience.

Smart move on raising your kids Pittsburgh fans. Strong franchises. Heck even the Pirates have had some success. I am in Charlotte and while my kids like the Charlotte teams it isn’t the same as Buffalo. When my son goes to Buffalo he recognizes the difference — the passion, the deep roots, the energy. That’s why if a Buffalo sports team (Bandits don’t count!!) ever win, it will be glorious.

The climb is the best part though. It’s just that saying “this year is the year” has gotten old — very old. It’s now the Bills & Sabres turn to prove it. We’re all waiting…

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