Cocoa Beach at Sunrise

This could be a typical morning if you decide to move to the #CocoaBeach area. This mornings temperature around sunrise was 76°. A slight breeze coming off the ocean. The clouds in the distance have pink & purple hues from the soon to be rising sun. You have the cool damp sand getting between your toes as you kick off your flip flops just as you step off the beach crossover. There is a photographer setting up his tripod to capture the morning sunrise. The ocean is semi glassy this morning with 2 foot waves coming in. Six, maybe eight pelicans have crossed over from the Banana River and are skimming the waves coming in looking for breakfast. Several runners pass you by as they are getting their miles in. There is a fisherman setting up his gear. He was waist deep in the water, so I couldn’t ask what was running and he hoped to catch. There is a couple just above the shoreline on a blanket with a thermos of coffee and a picnic basket enjoying breakfast on the beach and the first rays of light. Off in the distance both north and south I see other folks like me enjoying the serenity that comes from being on the beach at sunrise starting their day.

This was just this morning. Imagine doing this 2 times a week, maybe 3 to 4 times a week (or more). How could you benefit? What would this do to your stress level? Life is to short. Start doing the little things like a morning walk on the beach that you know you love doing. You will be smiling a lot more. Smiles are also contagious 😎😎😎Try spreading more smiles this week.

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