We’ve recently upped the ante in regards to pattern libraries developed by the front end team here at Markit Digital. Previously, these libraries were scoped to a use in only a single project. Our new approach is to focus either an entire client or a large subset of a client’s projects with a single pattern library. This means what was once a single use set of patterns could now, and hopefully will, span multiple projects. They can also more easily be used as a starting point for a client’s new design work.

This posed a number of new liberties as well as responsibilities to us in regards to owning, building, packaging, documenting, and maintaining our pattern libraries. …

Here are the last odds and ends I’ve found throughout the new version 4.

Custom Form Elements

Custom checkboxes, radios, file selects and select boxes have always take me longer than they should. I usually try to hunt down a previous version I’ve made in another project but, luckily, BS4 has these out of the box now. It provides a few helper classes that use svg/png images as background-image rules and spit out custom checkbox/radio buttons. The current markup looks like:

<label class=”c-input c-checkbox”>  <input type=”checkbox”>    <span class=”c-indicator”></span>  Check this custom checkbox</label>

I’ve used both the custom checkbox and select already and I give them two thumbs up! …

Like old cars, one day it’ll be cool again to have padding on the <body>


The new bootstrap reboot file adds an additional layer of resets and gotchas on top of the standard “normalize.css”. …


Eric Nolte

Gastroergonomist working for mediavine.com

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