In June of 2015, I had an idea to create a networking group. Meeting in a small midtown diner three times that summer with some trusted colleagues, we bounced ideas around over cheeseburgers and iced coffee. I wanted a group where we could do something more personal than some of the other networking events I had attended; something different from the groups with heavy financial dues and annual fees. I wanted a group where we could network, share resources, have guest speakers, and create an open forum for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals, to make both business and personal connections.

On September 15th, 2015, The NYC Inter-Connected Professionals Networking Group was officially formed (with the corresponding result of having the longest name that I could think of). Since that time, we have met monthly, and have had eight guest speakers — each one quite gifted — often with valuable handouts (in paper and even in DVD form!) We have had a holiday gathering, have cultivated a place where members can share about other networking groups, can connect with like-minded professionals, can exchange client referrals, and can even hire one another! (Thank you, NYC Inter-Connected Professional Group Member, Anthony Bellov, of Anthony Bellov Video Productions, whom I hired as the videographer for my upcoming wedding to my wonderful fiancée, Sarah!)

I’m glad to say that our group has met with great reviews from satisfied members and attendees. (See http:/www.meetup.com/The-NYC-Inter-Connected-Professionals-Networking-Group/about/comments/?op=all). And that is something that I most certainly… cannot take credit for. The success of The NYC Inter-Connected Professionals Networking Group is all because of… You. You, the original member; You, the one who comes back each month with your energy, vigor, and enthusiasm; You, the person who has visited, attended, or joined; and You, the new person who intends to come next time, to share your talents with us, and to tell us what you uniquely offer to the world.

Please join us on Wednesday, September 14th, 2016, from 6pm to 9pm at a special celebratory venue (TBA), where we will have a great guest speaker, open networking in a private room of our venue, and lots of bright, talented people from a variety of professions! RSVP here:


The NYC Inter-Connected Professionals Networking Group: Show up, connect, and network. See what you have to gain. Come and share your gifts and talents with us. Help our group to continue to prosper, and we will see how we can help you and your business in return.

With Gratitude,

Eric Sarver, Esq. — Founder & Organizer of 
The NYC Inter-Connected Professionals Networking Group.

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