Monday Check In!
Ester Bloom

I needed lots of rest this morning, and I think I got it. Huzzah!

Friday night I had planned on going right home, but took a slight detour to visit a friend. I got to meet her daughters and see all of their Pokemon cards, new toys, and craft projects, and she sent me home with delicious homemade moussaka.

Saturday I got my eyebrows done (as mentioned in my estimate, free because I won a contest, plus I added a $5 tip) and deposited a cheque. Does that count as money coming in? At night I went to a comedy show (free, plus ~ $5 for a drink.)

Sunday I helped my sister start planning her friend’s bridal shower, then read The Wicked + The Divine volume 3 in its entirety (already paid for), then went to my friend’s show before heading off to host open mic. I got free drinks but also bought some food ($15 including tax, tip, and the three chicken fingers one of my friends stole while I was onstage). I got paid $20 and spent $15 on an Uber home — less than the estimate, so yes I did give my driver five stars and a good review.

Total spent: $40 minus the $20 I got paid = $20!!!

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