Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

I turned a profit this weekend!

Friday: Bought a very large lunch whose leftovers could be supper (or, what really happened: worked through lunch and scarfed “supper” at my desk around 9.5 hours into the workday): $9. Did a show, skipped post-show drinks with my friends and engagement drinks with my other friends (AND I FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT IT BUT I NEEDED SLEEP).

Saturday: Spent most of the day helping my mom prep for her (warning: alliteration) belated birthday bbq, which included a stop at some home decor stores. I found a really nice set of fancy grown-up dinnerware for 40% off and was just about to buy it like a real adult when my mom offered to pay for it. (Yes, everyone please thank my mom.) Did a fundraiser show in the evening where I was paid and got free drinks, and spent $5 on raffle tickets but likely should have spent more.

Sunday: Spent most of the day prepping, serving, and being a good daughter at the aforementioned belated birthday bbq, until I had to leave for my third show of the weekend. No-spend day. Got paid.

Estimated: $25
Spent: $14 (would’ve been $200 if I had paid for the dinnerware)
Earned: $75

Total: +$61

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