Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Is it bad that I barely remember this weekend? Here’s an approximate estimation of what I spent:

Friday: $11 on some much-needed food after two awesome Just for Laughs shows.
Saturday: I think I stayed home most of the day and tried to recover from my week. Spent around $11 on a post-comedy, pre-concert meal (less food than on Friday, though) and $4 for post-concert Gatorades. I still owe my friend the cost of my ticket, so that will be in a future budget.
Sunday: $4.50 on frozen yogurt, $9.50 on overpriced wine plus tip and $15 (I think) on fancy tacos.

Total: $43? I just did that math in my head. I came in way under budget and could have spent even less if I had stashed more food in my purse.

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