Maybe I feel like if I bought myself everything I wanted and needed, I’d be out of control. There is always something new to want, after all.
Do We Deny Ourselves More Often Than We Treat Ourselves?
Nicole Dieker

This. I relate to this so much. How can I know whether purchasing something will end up being a good or bad decision, or if I’ll regret not buying it.

I’m starting to get a little bit better at making purchasing decisions and weighing the pros and cons (yes, I want to have x amount of dollars in the bank by September, but I need this latte now so I can do my job and earn that money, etc.)

I mean, sometimes you need to treat yourself no matter what. But don’t spend money on those hair flowers. You can spend that money on the actual cruise ship instead! (Don’t spend it on a bracelet from Bella Perlina, if they sell those on your ship. They break really easily and are not worth the money and their customer service won’t email you back about it.)

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