Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

This weekend was busier but also much better than expected! Oh also I def went over budget.

Friday: went mini-golfing ($10), then had a headache and went home early instead of heading out for drinks afterwards. $7 on a cab home from the metro.

Saturday: Spent the day with friends from out of town — around $16 on lunch, $4 on maple-Nutella ice cream, and $18 on dinner. Also went to Mass and put all the change I had in the collection basket but didn’t count it ($2?)

Sunday: $5 at Mass + $1 to light a candle, $3 on a secondhand T-shirt, then I completely forgot that my sister had got us tickets to a concert so I owe her $63 (and worth every bit of it — Bastille are so great and I’m so happy we had those tickets!)

Total: $129.

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