Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom


I’m going to try and keep this weekend pretty low-key, I think. I’ll stay in either tonight or tomorrow, but I do want to catch some of my friends’ comedy shows, so I should plan that. I also kind of want to take myself to the movies, so I’ll give myself a max budget of $30 for fun stuff, yeah?

I have an eyebrow appointment BUT my eyebrow wizard recently ran a contest and I won a free eyebrow shaping! Yay! Here is where I could use some advice on tipping: how much should I tip? Same as usual (which is anywhere between $3 and $5)? Should I follow the Mike Dang philosophy of tipping the value of what you got for free (which in this case would be around $20)? She owns her business, and I’m not going to follow the “don’t tip the owner” philosophy, that’s for sure, but also she’s not the kind of person who’s like “omg! A tip! Thank you!” She’s very pragmatic and mostly just wants her clients to be good about making their appointments and showing up on time and being nice (which yes, probably includes standard tipping, but she never makes me feel like I have to.) I brought her a small gift on her birthday and she remembered it for months. She also told me not to like, bring her gifts all the time etc. Anyway, tipping advice is more than welcome.

I also want to budget for some food before Sunday night open mic and an Uber home ($30) and maybe replace some of my socks ($15?)

Total estimate: anywhere between $75 and $100

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