The Farrakhan Test: Myth of the I’m not racist Trump supporter

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan

A hypothetical:

Swap out Donald Trump, insert the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. The name alone sends shivers up spines. Though laughed at and written off as not having a chance, rallies grow larger and larger, gain more and more momentum, until the Honorable Louis Farrakhan is President elect. Running on a platform of destroying White Supremacy, the charismatic leader preaches that all of America’s ills can be traced back to White racism. And for the national security of our beloved nation; 900,000 to 1 million known White racist are to be rounded up and shipped back to where ever the hell their great grand daddies came from. And to ensure these drug dealing, murderous raping Whites don’t get back into our America, a giant wall will be built around the ENTIRE country. From the ocean floors to the heavens above, a magnificent wall to keep Whites from killing us and taking our jobs. And once these horrible individuals are banished from our fine democracy, economic prosperity, and job security will fall across the land; once again restoring the greatest country in the world to it’s rightful place.

Wow, sounds too good to be true. Never the less, in the face of this amazing proposition, how many White Trump supporters would cast a vote for Louis Farrakhan?

The exact same rhetoric, the exact same promises, the exact same threats, only aimed in their direction; how many White Trump supporters would casually write them off a hyperbole? Would get behind someone promising to kick their friends and family out of the country?

And upon discovering some of their, so call friends, voted for the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, how many White Trump voters would still be cool with them, and understanding of their mantra, “I voted for him, but I’m not a racist”?

After careful review of the Farrakhan test, I’m going to go out on a limb and same none.

Now the truth of the matter is, more than half of the country is totally disgusted with the election results. Whites, Blacks, Latinx, Asians; folks of all shades and colors are taking to the streets to protest a bigoted, fascist, racist sitting in the oval office.

A beautiful sea of humanity protesting Donald Never My President Trump

But make no mistake about it, Never My President won the election with the help of White Amerikkka. Which is a tad bit different from White America. The former doesn’t exactly embrace diversity, the later does. Matter of fact, even White Amerikkka itself is broken into two camps. The blatant racist, who openly embraces their racism; and I’m not racist who doesn’t. See, I’m not racist isn’t really racist, they’re just sympathetic to the blatant racist causes. Ugh!

Now, I don’t knowing have any I’m not racist, Trump supporting friends in my life, and if I find out I do, we’re friends no more. Because even as I attempt to hear your side of the story, to step into your shoes, and see things from your point of view, I would forever look at you side eyed. No matter how badly you want me to see things from your perspective, there’s nothing to be learned from you. I’ve seen this movie before. Been down this road a million times. It’s Southern Strategy 4.0. It’s Bull Connor, and George Wallace on steroids. So no matter how sincere you are, I’m not racist, your pleas are the equivalent of saying:

“I’m not in the Klan, I just go to the rallies and make donations.”

“I’m in the Hitler fan club, but please don’t call me a Nazi.”

The equivalent of saying “My welling being, takes precedence over the well being of Blacks, Mexicans, Gay, Lesbians, Transgenders, and the usual suspects who are constantly demanding fairness and equality.”

Never my President

The equivalent of a temper tantrum, screaming to the world “My White Privilege has come under attack, and I’ll do what ever it takes to TAKE MY COUNTRY BACK.

Trump’s America

Exactly how does one differentiate the blatant racist, from the I’m not racist, who endorses blatant’s ideology?

You can’t.

Exactly what is the difference between the blatant racist who demonizes Mexican Americans, and burns down African American Churches, from the I’m not racist who sits idly by and does nothing?

Not a damn thing.

They read the same on the radar of deplorable behavior. And no matter how desperately one tries to rationalize it, the old adages prove true. You lay down with dogs, you’ll stand up with flees. Birds of a feature, flock together. No matter how intensely you scream, I’m not racist, YOU ARE THE COMPANY YOU KEEP.

Baby Hitler Bannon

The election of Donald Never My President Trump was incredibly disappointing. An ugly tell of demagoguery that has to be taken incredibly seriously. No one thought Hitler would become Hitler, or Mussolini, would become Mussolini. Insanity has a way of sneaking up on you, when it’s normalized.

Asshole 1 and 2

And unlike some who are willing to give never my president the benefit of the doubt, I am not. As the great Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

However in the midst of the nightmare, hope and light shine through the clouds. For despite half the electorate not voting, and third party candidates; despite bogus FBI directors, and demonizing of The Other, despite Hillary Clinton not being everyone’s cup of tea, and a tad bit of voter suppression. Never my president still loss the popular vote, and the majority of Americans, let it be known they aren’t buying the bullshit he’s buying.

And thus war wages on. For as the country grows more diverse, the attempts to turn back the clock will intensify. Dog whistles blown louder, the attacks more vile, and the I’m not racist excuses more complex.

Yet never despair, and never give up hope. No matter how much I’m not racist rationalizes their deal with the devil, the woke, loving people of the United States of America will be fighting them every step of the way. Breaking off a civil disobedient, politically empowered, grass roots foot in the crack of their ass. Standing fearlessly on the right side of history, moving brilliantly into a glorious future.

Love Trump Hate Bitch!
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