Why LeBron Is The Best Of All-Time

Notice I didn’t say what I think LeBron is the best at. Many will assume I mean basketball. That would be a wrong assumption. Jordan still holds that title. What LeBron is the best at is capitalizing on his fame and doing something positive with it. LeBron has 29.9 million Instagram followers & 34.9 million Twitter followers. This enormous platform coupled with his immense success would lead many, if not most, to show off their material possessions & one-percenter lifestyle. Not LeBron. He has been deeply involved for many years with his LeBron James Foundation. His foundation promotes education for youth & young adults mixed with living a healthy, active lifestyle. He has paid for thousands of kids to attend college through his I Promise school & actively encourages kids to follow their dreams &, most importantly, be realistic with your dreams.

When you start listing off LeBron James accomplishments you naturally start with his 3 NBA championships & 4 MVP’s. You then add in his All-NBA team selections (12), his All-NBA defensive team selections (6), his high school basketball success, & the fact that he is 32 years old in year 14 in the NBA & is still the best player in the league as he’s been for the past decade. All of this is great & historic, but I believe that his biggest accomplishment is that he is a first ballot human. The impact he has had on kids in his community won’t be felt immediately. However, in the years to come many kids who used to be born into dire & desperate circumstances will now be born into a situation where they not only have a chance to make it, they will have a chance to flourish.

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