Copying Snapchat is Facebook’s last stand!

Facebook took a page from Melania Trump’s playbook and they have been plagiarizing Snapchat non-stop. Over the past nine months, Facebook has been on a spree of sorts, copying features from Snapchat into Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and now the Facebook app.

Unfortunately this has led to five apps that basically provide the same exact user experience. From a business standpoint it’s a smart move, if users can now do everything on one of Facebook’s apps, it makes Snapchat less valuable to users. The idea being that users would then spend a lot more time on Instagram or any of the other four apps, which brings in more money through ads.

When everyone is copying each other, it leaves little room for innovation. Facebook itself stopped innovating a long time ago, but they have been able to conceal that with massive acquisitions of great ideas, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Snapchat on the other hand was able to continuously innovate and has for the most part seen amazing growth until now. Snap Inc. now has the tall task of differentiating itself from a platform that’s 3X bigger (Instagram), leaving little room to test new ideas. Perhaps it’s time for them to go on a shopping spree of their own, and hopefully land on something that’ll stop the bleeding.

This FB/Snap war is music to entrepreneurs like myself who are looking to create products that truly provide a unique experience to people. Because much like children, people get bored easily and will trade in their old toys for something that’s shiny and just out of the box.