Monitoring Electric Scooters in Paris with Datadog and NodeJS

Eric Mustin
Apr 29 · 5 min read



async (req) => {
try {
// get zip code lat/lng and format, throw error if missing
let [zip, country] = [,]
if (zip === undefined || country === undefined) { throw "please submit a zip and country code" } let geoApiDetails = `${config.geonames_username}&country=${country}&postalcode=${zip}`
let geoInfo = await axios.get(geoApiDetails)
let mappedGeoInfo = {[zip]: { "lat":[0]["lat"], "lng":[0]["lng"]} }

} catch (err) {
console.log('error', err);
//register token w/any email then get+format scooters in 500m radius of zip code lat/lng
await bird.login(;
let results = await Promise.all([bird.getScootersNearby(mappedGeoInfo[zip]["lat"],mappedGeoInfo[zip]["lng"])])
let mapped = results.reduce( (mapping, zip_scooter_list) => {
if (mapping[zip] === undefined) { mapping[zip] = {} }
mapping[zip]['avg_scooter_battery_level'] = average( (scoot) => scoot.battery_level))
mapping[zip]['scooter_count'] = zip_scooter_list.length
return mapping
//send bird custom metrics to DD with zip code tags
await Promise.all( Object.keys(mapped).map( (x) => dogapi.metric.send("bird.scooterCount", mapped[x]['scooter_count'], {tags: "zip:"+x})))
await Promise.all( Object.keys(mapped).map( (x) => dogapi.metric.send("bird.avgScooterBatteryLevel", mapped[x]['avg_scooter_battery_level'], {tags: "zip:"+x})))
*/10 *  *  *  *     curl -k http://localhost:3000?country=FR&zip=75001


Datadog timeseries dashboard of average scooter battery level per arrondissement
Datadog timeseries dashboard of number of scooters per arrondissement

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