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4 Fun Ways to Instantly Make Your Life Even More Epic

I decided to challenge myself to complete the below 4 tasks EVERY day for 1 month to discover and share some funky moves in our world. Ready?

I said I would try something new, so off I went (not knowing what was coming my way). I arrived last to the class and of course the entire room was packed with people (who actually looked like they knew what they were doing there). Feeling determined, I removed my shirt as none of the other guys had one on. I spotted an empty mat…over there…in the middle. I had to “sorry”, “oops” and “pardon” my way to the center of the room (to the one spot nobody wanted). Everyone was looking at me, and I could sense the eyes saying everything from “yey a new guy” to “get out of my way idiot.” Downward facing dog I hear the instructor demand in a very soft but not-to-be-questioned tone. I find myself standing alone in the center like a question mark, feeling how my cheeks literally turn red!!

Me at yoga, yeah I’m the male version of the top left rhinoceros struggling figure By @scarletadrianne

The class was called “Hot Stretch” and it was my first yoga class. This was without doubt the most embarrassing, painful and hot 60 minutes I’ve experienced for a looooong time. After 2 minutes I was soaking wet, I could have been standing IN the shower (the woman next to me actually moved away from me). My breathing was anything than controlled and soft! I didn’t do a single move right, I learned I’m far from flexible and being fit has a different meaning as of today!

Yes, my ego got bruised but that’s how it is at first, starting something new. But oh, after 60 minutes I felt more proud of myself than I’ve for a long time and almost everyone gave me a friendly smile or started to talk to me, encouraging me to keep coming. That’s the beauty and result of stepping outside your comfort zone; growth, admiration and respect.

Readers, studies prove that by activating your brain you can prevent anything from boredom to Alzheimer’s. It’s easy to do so, just make sure to complete at least 2 of the below tasks every week and your life will instantly be even more freakin EPIC!

1. Change your routine

Focus on the small things i.e. wearing your watch on the other wrist, waking up 15 min earlier, letting your hair out, carrying your bag in the other hand/shoulder, taking the stairs, calling your friend instead of texting, sitting in the other chair, taking a different road, not wearing underwear… (you name it but have fun with it)

2. Try something new

What’s a Russian latte — try it, go to the gym (finally), go to a new bar this weekend, wear a different outfit even to work (crazy I know), go shopping at a different grocery market (suddenly it an adventure to just find the milk), take public transport…

3. Meet (and interact) with different people

Join a meetup, networking event or after-work gathering (even if it’s only 1 person attending), take a group class at the gym, join a recreational sports team, join a friend to whatever he/she wants to do (with people you don’t know)…

4. Say hi to a stranger or compliment a person

Do you have any idea of the power of a “hi” or how much it can mean to a person actually hearing you give a compliment (not just think it)? At least just enjoy the expression on their face when you say hi with a smile to the cashier, the waiter, your next seat passenger on the train, the person you let pass on the street. Compliment a person for the shoes, the nails, the work well done, the hair, the book read or the article written…

5. (BONUS) Comment on this article or send me a message and let the world know what else you can add to these lists, what goals you seek to achieve this year or how in anyway you will enrich yours (and most likely others) life! Believe it or not, the probability to accomplish tasks increase by sharing what you will do (AND it actually inspires others too).

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