Unique Medical Benefits Model with Hixme

Erik Wissig is an experienced business leader who has held leadership positions with companies such as Duff and Phelps, LLC and Nationwide Medical, Inc. Erik Wissig recently expanded his professional activities by taking on the vice president of finance and relations position at Hixme Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Hixme is a technology company that strives to optimize employee benefits for both employees in a shared coverage pool and the employers providing coverage. The organization recognizes that the typical “one health-insurance plan fits all” approach to medical benefits rarely lives up to its billing, and has developed its own model for providing effective benefits to all employees receiving coverage.

The advantages of the organization’s unique medical benefits model are numerous. The Hixme model helps employers cater to the unique insurance needs of their workers. This model empowers workers with greater freedom of choice, which is proving to be good for the workers and employers.

Hixme’s model of empowering workers with better fitting, more affordable coverage can result in a net gain in healthy enrollment for the carriers — and can prove beneficial to the entire market, through a healthier enrollment growth and a fit-by-family-member model catering to price shoppers.

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