Why You Need Design

Chapter 1 of Mike Monteiro’s You’re My Favorite Client takes into discussion what design really is and the reasons why it is needed. In this writing, Monteiro really nails the definition of design. He writes that “design is how we communicate what an object does, or its function, through its shape or form.” If this still doesn’t make design clear to you, he follows with an excellent example. He talks of a baseball mitt, and how a baseball mitt covers the ideas of form, function, and solution. It doesn’t take long for a person to realize that you can put your hand inside the baseball mitt. That is form. Then, it becomes obvious that the mitt makes it easier to catch a baseball. That is function. Finally, trying to catch a baseball without a mitt is not a good idea. The baseball mitt is a solution to that problem.

No one comes to a site because of the design.

My favorite part of this writing can be found deeper into the chapter when Monteiro discusses bad content. He is discussing a web page and how nobody goes to a site because of the design. Its the content the site has to offer that draws people in. The design is just something that can encourage someone to stay. The reason this is my favorite part of the chapter is because I recently wrote about animation in another class of mine. In my writing, I discussed something very similar. I wrote that in animation, the most important thing will always be the character/story. The design aspects of art, sound, and movement all take a backseat behind this. You can have fantastic artwork in your animation, but if the story is boring, nobody is going to sit through the whole video.