How to print SMS from Android

If you have some important messages on your Android phone, then you should take a backup of them in case you do something and they get erased. Fortunately, there’s a Android app available to make your backing up and restoring of messages much easier.

Here is how to backup and print Android sms with Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager works:

1. first, connect the phone to the computer via this Mobile Manager.

2. Then click on the contacts in the “Mobile Phone Management”, and click “Select All” to export all of the contacts.

3. At this time, a window will pop up, and you need to choose the approach to save the contacts and click “Yes”.

In this way, your contacts will be transferred to the computer. It is quick and easy to operate. But if you are still confused or do not know how to do it, do not hesitate to click “Help” for directions.

how to print text messages from android
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