Not Just any Day at the Beach

Yesterday I went to S-Turns beach with two of my Hawaiian friends. It was such a beautiful day. The water was so blue and so clear. The guys went spear fish diving while I tanned and read on the beach. What I have noticed with the Hawaiian culture is that they always pray before getting into the water, either surfing, spear fishing, lobster diving, etc. I was touched when I realized the two guys were head bowed praying together with all their gear. They said that it is up to God if they come back out of the water each time. One Hawaiian told me that he feels closest to God when he is deep in the ocean because that is when he fully surrenders his life into God’s care.

While I was reading and they were out in the ocean, I heard a little commotion. After hearing all the dangerous shark and eel stories I was instantly worried about my two friends. The families on the beach were gathering together looking out in the water. To my pleasant surprise, it was just some baby sea turtles. One turtle was doing flips eating upside down between two rocks. They were so stinken cute! I even climbed up on a huge rock in the ocean to take pictures of them.

Later on, the guys came back with their fresh catch. They had about 6 nice fish, 1 octopus, and 1 huge lobster. The kids on the beach were fascinated with their ocean harvest, especially the octopus and the lobster.

After we put the fish on ice, we decided to go swimming with the turtles. There were a lot out that day.

Being that I have never swam with wild sea turtles before, I was excited and scared they would bite my fingers off. I would pet them, then hurry and scatter away. I’m such a scaredy-cat. Lol. My Hawaiian friend even tried to ride one. It was pretty funny.

So, I would say yesterday was a very good day. I’m so thankful for all Gods beautiful creations and Him helping me to notice the beauty in different cultures.

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