According to the Pew Research Center, somewhere around half of American adults no longer live in their hometown. While Americans have become less mobile since the 1960s, that’s still a whopping number of people who are choosing to relocate.

If you’re one of these Americans who is considering a move to another locale, you should know that moving doesn’t end with packing up and experiencing anxiety over what to tip your movers (ahem it’s about $30 per person). Actually, a big part of moving is getting to know your new area. Where’s the nearest grocery store? How far away is…

Albert Square

Last year, while reeling from a breakup, I decided to travel solo to Iceland in mid-January. The prospect of 24-hour midnight and $11 beers did not deter me; I was already alone so traveling by myself wouldn’t be a problem, and I wanted to see the Northern Lights. To be more specific, I wanted to hear the Northern Lights, because I had it in my head that they made a sound like the shushing back-and-forth of a theatre curtain.

But I never got to go to Iceland. Just after New Year’s, I ended up in the emergency room and was…

source: Seattle Times

Female Co-worker #1: What happened with the riot on Sunday?

Me: What riot?

Female Co-worker #1: The riot downtown.

Me: That wasn’t a riot, it was a peaceful rally and march. I was there.

Female Co-worker #2: Well, there was a riot at the airport and I couldn’t pick up my son, it was ridiculous. These people shouldn’t cause problems like this.

Me: That wasn’t a riot, either, it was a single cop who pepper-sprayed a peaceful protestor. And people causing “problems like this” is why you and I have the right to vote today.

Female Co-worker #2: Well, they…

I just flew in from a tropical vacation abroad, and boy am I upset about the continuing dismantling of my country.

Several months ago — before the election actually happened, in fact — my boyfriend and I planned our vacation. Notice I didn’t say annual vacation, because we don’t go on vacation every year. This vacation was to be the first vacation we’d ever taken in our 10-year relationship, which is not because we don’t want to travel together, but because we are poors who work really hard at jobs with completely different schedules. …

As someone who generally distrusts holidays for one or more of the following reasons:

1. Expensive

2. Stressful

3. Likely ruined by a drunk and/or belligerent family member

4. Just fucking exhausting

…I still have a soft spot for Christmas Eve. I think Christmas Eve is way better than Christmas Day, to the point that I actually get excited for Christmas Eve (a holiday, and those are usually terrible!), while I spend Christmas Day in a hungover, depressed funk.

I can’t even blame my childhood for this. Growing up, Christmas Eve wasn’t that big of a deal. Well, it was…

source: The Guardian

Disclaimer: shit’s about to get dark, guys. Come back tomorrow for snide comments about interior design and bad TV or whatever.

Some friends of mine left town today. They’re on their way to Standing Rock with a group of veterans from Washington. My veteran friend is going to fulfill his promise to defend his country from enemies both foreign and domestic. My other friend, his wife, is going to make sure that people stay warm, fed and comfortable.

I’m not able to go to Standing Rock with them because…well, because of all the reasons people don’t protest, and can’t look…

source: Maarta Laiho

The term “guilty pleasure” gets thrown around a lot for things that don’t seem like they’d inspire actual guilt. It’s fine to like lame music or erotic fan fiction or weird retro food that your grandma used to make out of Depression-era canned goods and cheese — unless there are Nazi undertones in it, none of these should make you feel guilty. A little less cool, sure, but not actually guilty to the point where you’re loathe to admit it with context to your friends.

With that said, what I’m about to describe does not make me feel guilty, and…


I am anemic. To be more precise, I have a hereditary iron-deficiency anemia that is resistant to changes in my diet. This means that I have always been anemic, I will always be anemic, and no amount of steaks or beans or iron supplements will do anything to improve that, unless by “improve” you mean “give me gas and make my poops black and redolent of a tire fire on the edge of town.” Because I can’t fix my anemia, I try to mitigate its effects. I do this by maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and getting enough rest…


I’m lucky in a lot of ways: I can wear jeans to the office, I get groceries delivered to my house in an hour, and I don’t have to go home for Thanksgiving.

It’s not that I don’t have family; I do, albeit a small and not-all-together one, but I let them know very early on that the thought of spending money and paid time off to travel 2,000 miles in order to get yelled at for the way I dice onions (ahem, THE RIGHT WAY) is not my idea of a vacation. …

uhhh yeah so this happened on Planet Earth once

Disclaimer: no, I did not write this article purely so I could Google “room full of corgis,” although I must admit that I was not disappointed by the results.

About 15,000 years ago, the first species of domesticated dog, Canis lupus familiaris, appeared in Eurasia. That’s a really long time — to put it into perspective, if you went to Bible school in your living room, it’s even longer than you thought the entire Earth existed.

Ever since this event that could arguably be considered the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind forever and ever amen, what we think…


a barren woman with excellent penmanship

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