Gratitude List: September 16, 2016

Taking a few minutes every day to write about what you’re grateful for can be life-changing.

What I’m grateful for today:

  • The kind stranger in front of me at the Starbucks drive through paying for my coffee and parfait this morning.
  • The Bret Easton Ellis podcast coming back today after a hiatus with none other than Moby as his guest. You can listen to it here:
  • The new single from MIA that has been on repeat on my Spotify since Friday.
New single from MIA: Freedun. Essential. Beautiful. Necessary.
  • An endless amount of coaching resources to listen to on my phone during my rather lengthy commute.

I invite you to leave one thing that you’re grateful for in the comments below. Then tweet and get your peeps in on the gratitude!

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